Frequently asked Questions:


1. Do I qualify for a medical marijuana card?

2. Do I have to smoke in order to use medical marijuana?

  • No, There are various methods available at the facility other than smoking. This includes vaporizing with the flower form or with an oil, using oils topically or under your tongue, lotions, lozenges, and baking into edibles.

3. Is medical marijuana covered by Medicaid or any health insurance plans?

  • No, medicinal marijuana is not a covered service under Medicaid or any other health plans in the State of New Jersey.

4. How much medicinal marijuana can I get?

  • Medical marijuana will be packaged in 1/4 or 1/8 ounce denominations. The patient’s health care practitioner will determine the proper dosage; however, the maximum amount currently allowed by law is 3 ounces in a 30 day period unless the patient is terminal in which case the amount is unlimited.

5. What should I tell my employer if I am subjected to a drug test?

  • Being a registered patient in the Medicinal Marijuana Program does not mean that you do not have to comply with your employer’s drug testing policies. You should be familiar with your employer’s policies on drug testing and know how it applies to you. Questions about employer policies should be directed to your human resources department. However, you do have certain legislative protections from the state for using medical cannabis as a qualified patient. 

6. I have a medical card from another state; can I use it in New Jersey?

  •  At this current time, New Jersey does not accept any medical cards from other states. You will need to register as a New Jersey patient in order to access the program.

7. Can I take medical marijuana along with my other medications?

  • The vast majority of pharmaceutical medications do not interact in a negative way with medical marijuana. Our physician would be able to take a look at your medication list during your appointment and address any interactions.

8. Can minors be accepted in to the medical marijuana program?

  • Patients under the age of 18 are eligible for the program. They are required to “Have a legal guardian assume responsibility as their des ignated caregiver until they are 18 years of age. Up to two caregivers may be registered per patient. Once a patient reaches the age of 18, they will need to re - register as an adult. The patient’s approved MMP physician is required by the Department of Health to complete a minor attestation. This requires written confirmation from both a psychiatrist and a physician trained in the care of pediatric patients. ” (NJ Department of Health)

9. Is there a fee with the state to register?

  • Yes. The fee for patients and caregivers is $100 each. However, patients and caregivers who are senior citizens, military veterans, or who qualify for the below listed state and federal assistance programs will be eligible to pay a fee of $20 each. The registration period is valid for 2 years. (For examples of sample documents:)

10. I do not have a diagnosis, what do I do?

  •  In order to join the medical marijuana program you must be diagnosed with an approved debilitating medical condition. You can see our doctor a total of four times in order to receive a diagnosis. Alternatively, we can refer you to a doctor’s office that can properly assess your medical condition.

For additional information and support please visit: - https://www.nj.gov/health/medicalmarijuana/


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